Dr Saumya SharmaPeriodontics and implant specialist

06 May 20

Advanced periodontal (gum) and dental implant services at The Priestgate Clinic Read more

3D model planningThe digital 3D Orthodontics revolution continues!

01 May 20

The Priestgate Clinic is one of the first UK orthodontic practices to fully utilise advanced 3D computerised design and appliance fabrication processes. Read more

orthodontic alignerAdvanced orthodontic aligner techniques

16 October 19

We are delighted to announce that Richard Cousley will be one of the first UK orthodontists to complete the US-based orthodontic 'Aligner Intensive Fellowship'. This is a four month training program run by orthodontists with recognised expertise in Invisalign and other aligner systems. It is only open to orthodontic specialists and hence differs markedly in its scope and depth from the 1 day 'certification' courses run by sales companies for general dentists. Read more

Richard Cousley's landmark textbook on orthodontic mini-implantsSecond edition of Richard Cousley's landmark textbook on orthodontic mini-implants

16 October 19

We are pleased to announce that Richard Cousley has finished writing the second edition of his landmark textbook on orthodontic mini-implants. The first edition was published in both English and Spanish versions 2013, and has since been read in over fifty countries. The request for a second edition is recognition of the popularity of this book amongst orthodontists, and for the quality of Richard's clinical expertise and insight into new clinical techniques. Read more

Consultant orthodontic servicesPeterborough City Hospital contract

15 October 19

We are pleased at how well our collaboration with Peterborough City Hospital has worked since August 2018. This is for the provision of consultant orthodontic services for those NHS hospital patients requiring complex orthodontics for dentofacial deformity problems. In particular, this involves Dr Cousley undertaking both the surgery-related orthodontic treatment and surgical planning for patients requiring orthognathic (jaw repositioning) surgery by the Maxillofacial surgical team. Read more

Katharine GoslingDental Hygiene at the Priestgate Clinic

01 October 19

The Priestgate Clinic is delighted to offer hygienist care with our highly experienced hygienist, Mrs Katharine Gosling. Katharine has worked locally for some years, following her early career in the west end of London and we're very pleased that our patients will benefit from her friendly and thorough approach. Read more

Orthodontic lecturesLecturing invitations

13 January 19

Dr Richard Cousley regular runs one day teaching courses for orthodontists and specialist trainees throughout the UK. These usually focus on new orthodontic mini-implant techniques, although Richard also lectures on 3D applications in orthodontics (e.g. orthognathic surgical planning and aligners). In 2018 & 2019 he was also invited to lecture on new techniques in the USA, South Africa, Japan and Jordan.

Anti-ageing treatments PeterboroughThe 10 commandments of anti-ageing

24 October 18

From Botox to Skin Care, Fillers to Collagen Boosters, where do we start in an ever-expanding industry with a list of products and procedures that can be overwhelming to choose from? Read more

3D x-rays PeterboroughNew Developments in 3D Orthodontics at the Priestgate Clinic

22 October 18

Until recently, x-ray imaging of the teeth and jaws has been limited to two-dimensional images. However, just as the earth isn’t flat, no-one has a flat face – we’re all three-dimensional (3D) objects! Fortunately, the Priestgate Clinic is able to offer ultra-modern and superb quality 3D imaging. This greatly aids accurate spatial diagnosis of complex orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery problems. Read more

Priestgate Clinic PeterboroughBrand new, state-of-the-art specialist clinic

22 May 18

Catherine and Richard Cousley, and the whole team at the Priestgate Clinic are delighted to have opened their brand new, state-of-the-art specialist clinic on 22nd May 2018.

They look forward to helping you to address your dental health and aesthetic concerns, in a positive, professional and friendly manner.

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