The 10 commandments of anti-ageing

From Botox to Skin Care, Fillers to Collagen Boosters, where do we start in an ever-expanding industry with a list of products and procedures that can be overwhelming to choose from?

Here’s a few anti-ageing tips to help you make the right decisions in your quest for healthy, supple skin. Just as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, we know that looking after our body from an early age slows down the ageing process. Here are some smart lifestyle changes that can really help to erase the years from your face.

Get serious about Sunscreen – and not just at the Beach!

Even in dull weather, wearing sunscreen with a rating above SPF30, prevents skin damage and the risk of skin cancer. In addition to wrinkles, sun rays contribute to dark spots and pigmentation changes on the skin… And No, sunscreen does not stop you from getting a tan!

It is never too early to start an Anti ageing routine!

It’s ideal to start to care for your skin while young, providing you don’t obsess about it. It’s never too early to start, but it’s never too late to make a change either. When it comes to product advice, invasive or non-invasive procedures, always seek a consultation with a medical professional. Invasive procedures should not be carried out by non-medical professionals nor should they be incentivised.

Sleep Well

The key time when our bodies repair and regenerate is when we are asleep. We also know that stress causes cells to age faster, so take time to relax, particularly before sleep.

Make Exercise a priority

Exercise boosts the cardiovascular system, meaning our skin receives an increased blood flow. The result is a more youthful complexion!

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes destroys collagen and elastin and decreases levels of oestrogen, which is necessary to keep skin firm.


Antioxidants protect cells from damage. Always incorporate antioxidants in your diet and in your skincare regime. I recommend Neostrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defence Serum which contains a combination.

Get on the Retinoid bandwagon

These are vitamin A derivatives, which are well known for promoting collagen production and preventing its breakdown. The best one depends on your age and skin tolerance so always ask your physician for their recommendation.

Stay Hydrated

The more hydrated you are, the better your lines will look! Drink lots of water, cut back on coffee and fizzy drinks and moisturize regularly.

Brighten your Smile

Stained, yellowed teeth can add years to your face. Consider removing stains with professional tooth whitening provided by your dentist, or seeing a hygienist who can use air abrasion to remove external stains on your teeth.

Have a check-up with a Medically Trained Aesthetic Practitioner

Your skin goes through changes year upon year, and your routine should be adapted to match its changing requirements. I believe skin care check-ups can help us prevent ageing and detect any more serious concerns, just like regular dental and medical checks.

If you ever have any queries about your skin health or ageing concerns, you should certainly consider speaking to a qualified aesthetic practitioner, with a medical background – ie a Doctor, a Dentist, or a registered Nurse Prescriber. A health professional who is specifically trained, and accustomed to diagnosing and treating patients, can listen to your concerns and advise you on a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.

We are experienced in Aesthetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics and have a deep understanding of the wide array of treatments and techniques available in this rapidly expanding field.