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What is preventative & restorative dentistry?

This is typically referred to as general or family dentistry, and involves the long-term dental care of patients of every age. General dentistry includes both routine dental treatments plus preventative solutions tailored for each individual so that everyone is able to maintain a healthy mouth and pleasing smile. For example, assessment of your diet and habits may make a significant difference to the future well-being of your teeth and gum tissues.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

When most people think of dental treatment, they picture restorations (fillings) and crowns (shells covering the whole tooth). However, a crown requires the removal of a substantial amount of tooth tissue in order to allow for the thickness of the artificial material. This is a shame if much of the tooth tissue is healthy, and further tissue loss will follow when the crown is replaced at a later stage. Is there an alternative?

Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) focuses on disease prevention and the preservation of healthy dental tissues. There have been significant advances in recent years in the understanding of the disease process that occurs in decaying (carious) teeth. This process begins with the loss of mineral content (demineralisation) from the tooth’s enamel layer. However, the good news is that the effects on dental enamel can be reversed by a healing process of remineralisation. MID seeks to encourage this healing process, initially by facilitating the remineralisation of decayed enamel.

When deeper decay has occurred, then a biologically selective approach can be used to remove decay and restore the appearance and function of teeth, while preserving healthy tissue. This has been made possible by recent advances in dental materials science, with high-quality, durable fillings, and even ‘healing’ (bio-mimetic) restorative materials now being available (see before and after photographs).

Examples of our Family (General) Dentistry treatments

MID in action: These fractured central incisors (front teeth) have been restored using the latest, long-lasting, tooth-coloured materials, artistically applied without the loss of healthy tooth tissue (required for laboratory-made crowns).
Decay: The caries (decay) in this lower molar tooth has been removed from multiple sites, with as minimal loss of normal tissue as possible. The tooth has then been restored to its optimal form and appearance using the latest aesthetic and durable materials.
Customised (non-bleaching) treatment for intrinsic tooth discolouration: Opalustre is a very safe cosmetic dentistry treatment, used all over the world for treating intrinsic stains & spots on teeth in both adults & teenagers.
It involves a chemical and mechanical microabrasion treatment process, to give an immediate & permanent aesthetic result with minimal loss of enamel tissue.
We're excited to offer this new treatment to our patients. Unlike tooth bleaching, it's very effective in the treatment of unsightly marks on teeth, at almost any age.
Composite restoration of the severely worn / eroded upper incisor teeth, while preserving the exisiting dental tissues.
Teeth whitening & new crowns on the upper incisor teeth.

Keen advocates of MID

All of our general dentists at the Priestgate Dental Clinic are keen advocates of MID. Hence, they focuses on prevention, remineralization strategies and performing the least destructive form of dental restoration.

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