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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery is the specialist field of dentistry that involves surgical management of bony (jaw) and soft tissue problems in and around the mouth. The most common example is the removal of impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth (third molars) which are causing infection problems.

Oral Surgery at the Priestgate Clinic

We are delighted to have Mr Clive Moss, Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, providing our Oral Surgery service. Clive is dual qualified in both Dentistry & Medicine. This means that patients can obtain direct and prompt access to expert surgical services performed under local anaesthesia for problems such as:

  • Difficult tooth extractions
  • Impacted teeth eg wisdom teeth
  • Exposure of buried teeth, eg canine teeth, for subsequent orthodontic alignment
  • Removal of soft tissue lesions eg fibrous lumps and salivary gland swellings.

We're especially pleased that it's possible for many of our adult and teenage patients to avoid a hospital wait and general anaesthetic for surgical exposure of impacted teeth as part of their orthodontic treatment. 3D (CBCT) radiographic imaging enables Clive to precisely locate these buried teeth and undertake less invasive surgery than conventionally required.

Examples of our Oral Surgery

Local anaesthetic exposure of a buried canine tooth for a 15 year old patient: This girl would have faced a long wait for hospital surgery. Instead, our 3D imaging and Mr Moss's surgical expertise meant that this canine tooth was surgically uncovered under local anaesthetic and her orthodontics could then commence within weeks. The illustrations show this canine in its buried position, with its growth stopped, and then its visibility after surgery and 4 weeks of renewed growth.
Local anaesthetic exposure of an adult's canine tooth which was buried in the palate: This adult would traditionally have required a hospital referral for surgery under general anaesthesia, but this buried canine tooth was surgically uncovered under local anaesthetic. This was possible at the Priestgate Clinic because of our advanced imaging and surgical facilities, coupled with Mr Clive Moss's surgical expertise.

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