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World-class expertise and technology

The Priestgate Clinic was one of the first UK dental practices to fully integrate 3D scanning technology, specialised orthodontic design software and in-house 3D printing into our daily clinical care in 2020. This, along with novel 3D printing materials, represents the biggest change in aligner orthodontics since Invisalign™ was launched way back in 1998. Due to our expertise in the field, we also teach these 3D innovations to other orthodontists & dental technicians – 3D Orthodontics Course.

By combining world-class clinical expertise with the latest technology we’re confident that we’ll help you to achieve your best smile possible.

Quality assured – how we differ from standard aligner providers

We're leading the way in the production of accurate smile simulations, followed by individually customised digital treatment plans, through to 3D printing & aligner fabrication. We also have the clinical qualifications and expertise to determine what can and can’t be treated properly with aligners. This requires a thorough orthodontic assessment, while also meaning that there’s no hidden charges of up to £500 (for 'case submission') following an ‘Invisalign ‘free consultation’.

Invisalign and other conventional aligner companies use technicians & standardised algorithms to produce aligner plans. In contrast, all of our treatment plans are performed by our specialists using their expert knowledge of biomechanics AND consideration of your actual facial, gum tissue & other features.

Our patients also benefit from having only a fraction of the tooth attachments (pads bonded to teeth) that Invisalign uses, as part of our protocol where rescanning the teeth at regular intervals provides greater accuracy of tooth positions & aligner fit as treatment progresses. The patient shown below and no tooth attachments at all during 10 months of aligner treatment!

Examples of our Aligner Treatments

Lower fees than standard aligner systems

Surprisingly, we can offer any form of aligner treatment at lower fees than standard aligner systems such as Invisalign. Plus, all of our treatments include provision of bonded and removable retainers as standard, to ensure that you’re looked after in the longer term.

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How long does aligner treatment take?

At the Priestgate Clinic, this varies from 1 to 12 months for simple through to complex aligner treatments. Any longer, then it’s highly likely that you’d be better off with a tooth-coloured fixed brace. We will guide you through your choices accordingly.

However, even patients with complex aligner plans will see clear improvements early on, as shown by what one of our recent patients achieved within their first 4 months.

A dental clinic with a difference

Specialist dental expertise & general dental care in a patient-focussed, friendly & positive environment.

If you’re thinking of investing in aligner, or any other orthodontic treatment, then please come along to see how we can truly enhance your journey.