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Adult New Patient Exam including 2 small xrays (age 16+)
Adult Routine Patient Exam (age 16+)
Child New Patient Exam (up to age 15)
Child Routine Patient Exam (up to age 15)
Regular Exam and Hygiene Visit
Hygienist Visit
From £82
Intra-oral x-ray (each)
OPT (2D jaw x-ray)
CBCT (3D) - single jaw
CBCT (3D) - both jaws
Small white fillings
From £95
Large white fillings
From £150
Routine dental extraction
From £140
Surgical extractions
From £180
Root Canal Treatments
Routine endodontics
From £550
Complex / multi-rooted endodontics
From £930
From £980
Porcelain Veneer
From £660
Crowns and Bridges
Ceramic Crown
From £715
Ceramic Bridge per unit
From £510
Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening
From £390
Per tube £35
Customised mouthguard
Out of Hours Emergency Call out charge


Consultation & clinical report
Aligner braces
£1800 - £4200**
Aesthetic (tooth-coloured) fixed braces
£2500 - £5300*
Metal fixed braces
£3200 - £4200*
Orthopaedic (growth modification) treatment
from £4000***
* Includes intra-oral scan and both 2D / 3D x-rays where required for accurate diagnosis

** Treatment quotations are based on individual case complexity and include the costs of initial retainer provision & one year follow-up

*** Includes both bite correction using ground-breaking digitally designed transparent 'Twin Blocks' and full metal fixed braces

Oral Surgery

Surgical treatment, performed under local anaesthesia, by Mr Clive Moss.
Consultant surgical consultation
Routine surgical extractions
From £380
Surgical extractions (involving bone removal)
From £400
Surgical removal of wisdom teeth
From £500
Surgical coronectomy (where wisdom tooth root is close to the ID nerve)
From £400
Orthodontic extractions (undertaken by an experienced dentist)
From £150
Surgical exposure of impacted teeth for orthodontics (avoiding an hospital GA episode)
From £600
£250 per quadrant
* Includes 2D panoramic x-ray and fee is deducted from the cost of any surgical treatment subsequently performed

Implants & Periodontal surgery 

Implant/Perio Consultation (& clinical report)
Perio treatment (1 hour per session)
Perio review (30 minutes)
Periodontal surgery resective (per sextant 1.5 hours)