The digital 3D Orthodontics revolution continues!

We’re proud to announce that we’re now able to undertake every aspect of 3D computerised smile design and appliance fabrication, all within our own clinic. This is the result of substantial investment in the most advanced orthodontic 3D software integrated with both high-tech scanning and 3D printing hardware. We’re overwhelmed at how this takes patient care to a completely new level, beginning with an intra-oral scan (no more messy dental moulds!) or 3D x-ray, flowing through advanced computer software planning and resulting in highly accurate 3D printing and orthodontic appliance fabrication stages.

This would have been unimageable just a few years ago, and enhances our ability to truly customise treatments for our patients. Not only are the fine details of your treatment and tooth simulations thoroughly planned by the specialist who you’ve actually seen (and not out-sourced to a remote dental technician), but this makes our treatments as cost-effective and time-efficient as possible.

We invite you to come and join the 3D revolution with us.