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Non-surgical face lift

Latest techniques in non-surgical face lift - by Dr Victoria Victorova-Sprinz

Effective , safe and non-invasive

The demand for cosmetic procedures is stronger than ever, with patients looking for the latest innovations to make them look and feel better and more confident.

There is a certain demand for cosmetic procedures with predictable results, little discomfort and minimal downtime and risks of adverse reactions such as allergies. Increasingly men and women are choosing non-surgical cosmetic treatments as they are more in control of the final outcome and can return quickly to their busy lives.

Non-surgical face lifts and skin rejuvenation are gaining an incredible popularity using a combination of thread lifting, thread rejuvenation, mesotherapy skin boosters, micro-needling, wrinkle relaxing agents and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

There have been differing opinions on whether or not non-surgical face lifting actually works. The answer is yes, it does, provided it is done using the correct techniques, by a skilled practitioner, utilising only the highest quality materials.

Dr Victoria Victorova-Sprinz
Treatments are provided by Dr Victoria Victorova-Sprinz – a dental surgeon with over 17 years of experience in facial aesthetics.